The Thunderchild Workshop is 48,224 square meters and consists of two contiguous sections across two regions, Moliman and Milda. The mission statements and goals for both are the same. The basic goal is to build a community and group of Rl & SL artists learning and supporting each other to make the most of two worlds.


> To Provide an affordable and supportive living/exploration space for new SL Residents in general.

> To Provide a living space for new and seasoned artists for learning and working as artists in the RL/SL environment.

> To provide tenants, group members and 3rd parties an affordable display and event space as in-World artists and performers.

> To build an SL community of RL artists and performers providing mutual support and learning across both Worlds.



Requirements for tenancy or group membership are one or more of the following.

  1. You are a new SL resident
    Less than three (3) years old
    (premium membership NOT required)

  2. You are an RL artist displaying and selling your work in SL, or you want to be.

  3. You are an SL artist making and selling your unique or limited edition creations from mesh, prims, textures or combinations thereof.

  4. You are a scripts editor/creator needing a place to practice scripts for prims, meshes and avatars.

  5. You are an RL/SL performer/artist needing a staging space or work space.

  6. You're a unique individual that's a groupie for the arts and just need your own space.


The inception of the Thunderchild Workshop took shape in April 2020. The owner operator (Thunderchild Allen) is the RL artist AJ Leibengeist. AJ Leibengeist displays works in SL on site and at the Thunderchild Gallery in London City. Home page is http://thunderchild.net.

The site's main purpose is a workshop for creating SL artwork and for learning and applying various skills and talents to the SL world. dedicated to the Thunderchild Workshop and an open Art Boardwalk for artist. The purpose is to provide new and established artists with a spot to display their RL artwork in the SL environment. Work spaces are provided on the grounds and tenant have access to multiple art displays locations along the boardwalk. Each art display can be a static display or a slide show that can present multiple pieces of artwork. Selling of artwork is supported either directly by artists or through the on-site CasperVend system. Consignment terms are 10% or less.

The lofts and work space are open for anyone. The site is designed with artists in mind but is open to anyone looking for an awesome rental spot at affordable prices.

The Workshop is 48,224 square meters with a large multi-level boardwalk for artwork display and vending. The site generally has a few working games and pool tables found one of the warehouses and other game spots (these are no gambling games and none are permitted). Four large two story single loft house are ideal for smaller gatherings. A Casper Teleporter system is on site for each region and general teleporter for the entire workshop locations is available.

A Casper teleport system is on site for easy and quick access to the various buildings, party and game spots. The CasperTeleports only work within regions. There are general teleporter boxes that provide jump links to cross-region locations. If you want your own box of personal teleporter locations, let the owner know.

There is generally one or more lounge and games areas set up. A permanent one is located in basement area of the “Tripps and Phoenix Loft,” the first floor loft is taken by the owner, but is available as a demo Loft and game spot. Warehouses #15, Tyrian Raptor hosts the working pool and air hockey tables. Working Mahjong, Chess, Checkers and backgammon are generally setup along with a Monitor for web browsers in some areas.

The on-site music stream for both region sections are provided by “KOCK.rocks BiPolar Radio” (http://kock.rocks). There is a Web browser in both regions to access the request line for the stream. Requests go to the top of the queue. Requests can be made at the URL http://kock.rocks/sambc/.




Starting in the Moliman Region, the site Art Boardwalk is available first for Residents and Group Members for the display and sale of their artwork and creations. Both residents and group members can reserve any portion, section, region or entire grounds and site for hosted events. DIY style events are at minimal costs for residents and group members.

The workshop will provide the specified space and time for events. Some land accommodations can be made for events. Both regions use Casper Security and may be used with proper preparations. Events require some for of security. Games and recreational facilities are always available. Event planning should consider costs and times for the setup efforts, the size and duration of the event, provision for security and tear down of the event. A private DJ can be used, be sure to coordinate for the stream. The security person/team will need to coordinate with the land owner for the necessary privileges to boot and ban any avatars and grievers.


The grounds can be used as a hosted event with advanced notice by 3rd and outside parties. Outside parties must provide all the necessary items and security the saem as tenants or group members do. Costs are determined at lease negotiations.


The Moliman section has a pavilion and small stage available for use. The Milda section have a small outdoor theater seating area for with twenty (20) two-people benches (or one laying) fro 20 to 40 people. Additional seating can be provided. The small stage is provided by resident bearofboogie. Arrangements for various stages and green rooms can be made with bearofboogie.


Tenants and group members can rez and work with objects anywhere. Remember to pick up your items when done. There are open ground areas in both regions sections for rezzing and working with items. There are 3 sky sandboxes of 4096 square meters for creation projects. The rules are the same for creating objects anywhere in the public area.

There are three roof-top creation spaces (sandboxes) on top of the loft buildings in the Moliman Region. Teleport-hubs between all the sandboxes are at each sandbox (click the sign).



The boardwalk spans both regions and can hundreds of artwork pieces and displays. The Moliman region boardwalk has two parallel paths spanning the length of the Loft buildings. The Milda region boardwalk contains multiple curves and arcs in it path. The Milda setting is more open spaced and views than the Moliman region. Both boardwalks contain multiple trellises for artwork displays. The Moliman boardwalks also have multi sections of decking designed for displays. There is approximately 3,350 square meters of boardwalks display in the Moliman section and approximately2,500 in the Milda section. Totals approximately 5,850 square meters of boardwalks.

The Moliman Boardwalk is the main multi-level boardwalk. It's middle stretch of walkway is multi-level and spans 145 meters long by avg 17 meters wide with approximately 2,465 square meters of display space. It also has an attached oval deck section of approximately 250 to 575 square meters around a group of trees or sculptures space. The loft boardwalk is a 95 meter long by 10 meter wide (950 square meters) run in front of the loft buildings. A 250 Square meter deck is between the two middle buildings.

The Milda Boardwalk is a winding boardwalk with multi curves and arcs in a more open space. There are fewer buildings and lots of circles and arcs for sculptures. This section has the two Artist's Stores for sales, the two mid-size warehouses, the Grand Loft and three of the loft-houses.


These buildings are renovated mesh/prim combos. Six are located on the Moliman section and two in the Milda section, They resemble 1970's brick and mortar style 3-story loft buildings The inside textures for the walls, ceilings and doors have been customized during the renovation. Closets were added to the floors during renovation. Additional customization is possible for tenants. The windows can be tinted. CasperLet is used for leasing and door control. The door have a preset UUIDs for textures and the controller is by the door. Tenant can provide alternative textures. Additional guest can be added to the lease if needed. Subletting is conditional with terms of the lease.

Floor plans are single spacious rooms, smallest is 247 square meters on the 1st floor and the largest is 286 square meters on the 3rd floor. This doesn't include the closet space.


1st Floor: is the smallest at 247 square meters. Door is on the side near the front. There is a cove area in the back. It has three windows in the front facing the front of the property, road and local businesses and recreational sites.


2nd Floor: Is the mid-size loft at approximately 267 square meters. Door is on the side towards the back in the back at the narrowest part of the loft. The rest expands in width towards the front to allow all four windows in the loft.


3rd Floor: Is the largest at 286 square meters. Door in the back allows for a rectangle room shape with four windows in the front.


This property is located in the Milda Region on the Workshop Extension. This is a three-story six-unit loft building with front decks for each loft, roof access with a hot air balloon ride. The lofts in square meters are First floor 305.5, Second floor 313 and third floor 340 (, the closets are not counted in the room measurements). The building stairwell with a Each unit's front has three windows and a solid door for the front deck access. Casper Door textures are changeable to presets or your supplied UUID image. Additional or multi-tenants are allowed, subletting is allowed with approval.


1st floor units 1 & 2 are the smallest at 305.5 square meters. The door is towards the front of the building and the closet is in the back in the center of the building. The room is rectangle shaped.


2nd floor units 1 & 2 are the mid-size lofts at 313 square meters. Door is towards the back and the closet is on the back side of the building. The room is L-shaped with the cove in the front center.


3rd floor units 5 & 6 are the largest at 340 square meters. These unites are L-shaped with the door in the front cove. The closet is in the back center of the floor.


There are four (4) of these houses, one on Moliman and three in a triangle group in the Milda section. The loft house is a large two floor building with 1,242 square meters. This is a mesh/prim combo prefabbed house that has been renovated by the owner. The building is a large rectangle shape for both floors. A foyer is attached to the front of the first floor and provides a deck for the second floor. A large glass block window covers the back of the building. There are large windows on the front of both levels and foyer. This unit makes a nice residence with lots of views and large walls for artwork. Additional guest can be added to the lease if needed. Subletting is conditional with terms of the lease.


There are two warehouses with spacious 15 m x 27 m (405 SqMtr) with tall 10 m-high ceilings - a lot of display room for your treasured possessions. Features a House Control Panel. Click on it and you'll get a complete texture change, light control and window tint menu. When not rented, it is setup with working pool tables.


There are two mid-size warehouses with spacious 30 m x 30 m (900 SqMtr) with 13 m-high ceilings. A two-level stair platform provides access to the roof for additional work/storage space. A major storage area or display room for your treasured possessions. Features a House Control Panel. Click on it and you'll get a complete texture change, light control and window tint menu.


There are two shared Group Store space provided for tenants and group members. These are 12m x 25m (300 SqMtr) space with 8m high ceilings. Tenant lessees and groups membership fees cover the cost of the space for selling artwork and artwork products. The CasperVend system is used and available for Tenants and group members.

Additional Stores can be added when needed.


The Vienna Warehouse is the front workshop on the property and the main office for the Owner/Operator and staff. It is a 315 square meter space with a 25 meter ceiling. It can be used for meetings by any of the tenants and group members.


Initial lease purchase is a two week commitment unless it is for an event for a set number of days. Tenant's prim allowance is allotted to the living quarters. The Sandboxes have enough prim allowance for large projects. Tenant & Member provided ground decoration prims can be removed from prim counts.



All games and pool tables.

Grounds in general, all general attractions and spaces.

Vacant properties.

Balloon rides.



Loft apartments and loft houses lessee's include:

Full access to leased building.

Free art display space on grounds (limitations may apply).

Use of vending system @ 5% shop commission.

Access to group prims and property.

Free use of balloon rides for art shows.



Free boardwalk and grounds for art displays.

Free workshops and sandbox use.

Free use of Vienna warehouse for meetings.

Use of vending system @ 10% shop commission.

Access to group prims and property.

Free use of balloon rides for art shows.


Prim allowance is from the workshop group pool with a maximum number of members using sandboxes, work and living areas at any one time. Region avatar limits set by SL is 100. Long term prim use on land for living spaces, art shows and such is set to 50 prims per member and 100 prims per tenant for each of the two regions. Members can split their prim allowance between the two. Tenants will have most of their prim allowance in their living space, but can split their artwork display allowance between the two regions. Display use varies between regions and available prims. A prim counter is provided in both regions.


The Workshop does not cover the costs of objects, meshes or images uploads. Any specific image or object required for products to be displayed or sold is provided by the creator and will require full permissions before submission for vending system. The workshop can provide certain build components such as frames, matting and canvas for image based artwork. The Owner can provide assistance for learning and resources in most areas.


Discounted rents occure at purchase of 16 weeks for 10% and 32 weeks for 15% off rent.

Extra lease time occures at 16 weeks purchase receive 2 additional weeks free.

Some of the buildings can be rented as a whole or have floors combined for larger single lofts. The Grand Loft buildings can have the 2nd floor and up joined for a single double apartment. The small loft apartments can be rented as a building for 20% off.


See the "LeaseSite Current Rents" Note Card for current costs.

First time tenants and group members must meet with the owner prior to tenancy or membership.

To apply for rent, drop your note-card into the Rental Request box location on the Office Kiosk (see landmarks below). Your card should contain the following information.


Length of lease in weeks (minimum of 2)

Building number or Name: ___

Floor or Unit Number: __

Your User Name:

Preferred Display Name:

Are you one of the following:

New Resident, Artist, Script-er, Performer, Other _______________

Lease to Begins:

Special Requests or Information.

I will contact you to meet at the Lofts and set up your agreement.


> The general display areas are all along the boardwalk in both regions. Use of any of the warehouses, loft buildings, loft houses or other areas can be requested.

> Displays are reserved for Tenants and Grouped members. Tenants can display for free as part of their lease. Group members wanting to display and/or sell their artwork must pay a monthly service fee (see current rents for prices).

> Artwork must be of the User's own RL or SL creations. Selling of 3rd party good is not allowed.

> This is a moderate area, so no explicit or adult content.

> Specific art displays or areas will be assigned upon request. If you need help with anything, contact the owner or superintendent.


This is a moderate area, keep adult activities inside your loft or house. No grieving, bashing or hateful activities allowed. People will get one warning before being banned. Everyone is considered a responsible adult and treated as such regardless of your avatar form.

Flying and voice is allowed for everyone and between sections and other parcels. Please manage your voice controls and language accordingly.


If in doubt or you have a question, talk or chat with the owner.