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Building A New Art Portfolio

The "Crash of Rhinos" is now completed with fifteen drawings in mixed media (mostly color pencil). There is a common background scenery mural of six pieces. There are five "Live Rhinos" or just Rhinos drawings. There are four drawings of Mechanical Rhinos with two drawings having two Mechanical Rhinos. So, six Mechanical Rhinos in four drawings.

I soon will have two sets of reproductions framed up for display and travel. One large and one small. The sizes of the prints and frames are in the portfolio. I'll be framing up two of the originals from A Crash of Rhinos the the NMVet Show in Novemember.

I've started work on UNION, Suns and Moons. I figured I can get it don and make it the third entry at the NMVet Show. It is my distraction for a while.

The second series of drawings are of birds. They will be in the same style as the Crash of Rhinos. That will complete the color pencil series for now. The next set of series will be in a different medium. Could be oil or acrylic. .

For views of my art work in my Second Life Gallery Space, mouse over my Second Life button.