Finally, a Non-Work related Portfoliio of Art

...or a soon to be Art Portfolio as Time Goes By.

Though I must say that I really enjoyed the work and diagrams from the last career project. Now, I can be more creative and imaginative with my drawings and imagination. Besides, there are a jumble of stories and ideas in my mind that need to get out.
Since I tend to go above and beyond, I couldn't just do one or a few drawings, so I started a project of a seriers of drawings. The current project section is "A Crash of Rhinos." Originally planned to have a series of birds to go with it, cause there are always birds around rhinos. But for deciding that the rhinos crash has gotten to almost being a pile up, I decided to focus just on the rhinos.

For views of my art work in my Second Life Gallery Space, mouse over my Second Life button.