A.J. Leibengeist,  
                         A.K.A. D.A. Holding,
                                                   Born as B.B. Feather .

Thunderchild.net is a personal web site organizing a
collection of pages and projects (aka "rocks") associated
with the above individual entity

This Domain:                    http://Thunderchild.net
   My new working Art Portfolio:       art.thunderchild.net
   Current Art Project:                  rhino.thunderchild.net 

Current rocks include:
KOCK.rocks BiPolar Radio
LLC:      http://KOCK.rocks
Black Sabbath Custom Leather:    http://BSCL.rocks
Amateur Radio License:  KG5KHB Tech Level

Thunderchild Allen (Virtual World Convention & Realm) ,
KB5BXJ (Amateur Radio Call Sign 1986 >> 2004),
NNNØNIM (Military Affiliate Radio Systems Call Sign),
also operated as
U.S. Navy Naval Air Station Memphis Chief Operator