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Thunderchild.net is the registered domain name maintained and operated for a Public online Internet presence and for promotion of all areas of interest and pursuites for AJ Leibengeist.

Subdomains for Thunderchild.net point to specific areas of work.

LOGO: Thunderchild.net

Signature Logo

AJ Leibengeist

Cusp of Cancer/Leo birth crest.  I've used this symbol since the early 1970's to mark my work. It's somewhere on every piece of artwork I do.

It's become a medallion and a tattoo. It's a part of the main website logo and on the labels for custom gear.


Business Card: Back and Front.
DBA (Doing Business As) AJ Leibengeist
AJ Leibengeist is registered as a Sole Proprietorship with the IRS, State of New Mexico and City of Albuquerque as an Artist and secondary Leather Goods Manufacturing.

KOCK.rocks domain name, trademark genre and Mascot Punky Rooster.

KOCK.rocks BiPolar Radio

On August 6, 2014, the Domain Name KOCK.ROCKS became official!

KOCK.rocks BiPolar Radio is a personal music project physically located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA and on the Internet at http://kock.rocks.Associated live stream are at  http://SHOUTcast.com/ andthe Special.com cloud network.


  • It doesn't hurt to be bipolar, but it might help!
  • Music does influence you and your life!


I am currently not available for work either as a Contractor or Employee. My last Cover Letters and Resume are available for information purposes and I am available for informational interviews or general discussions upon proper request. Please contact me.

Thunderchild.net represents the various eminent fronts of a mixed race Native born Seminole Indian of Oklahoma and German decent and disabled Navy Veteran. Born as B.B. Feather, Adopted shortly after and renamed David Alan Holding. The pseudo-names "Thunderchild Allen" and "Alexander Johann (AJ) Leibengeist" have been used since late 1970's.

Contract Work done in Kansas City
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