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Notice of Offensive Material

Please Note, some of the materials on this site may be offensive by nature to immature or narrow minded people. If you do not want to take the risk of being offended, please go somewhere else. There is NO PORN here. 

Otherwise, "Welcome to my site and feel free to contact me!"AJLeibengeist@Gmail.com.

Statement of Originality & Confidentiality

This portfolio contains original works, both professional and personal, of David Alan Holding (aka Alexander Johann Leibengeist). Please do not copy without permission.

The exhibits, work samples and/or service samples represent proprietary property of work done for employers and clients whose names appear on the documents.

Labels, Logos, Trademarks & D.B.A. Names

Personal Crest & Logo

Cusp of Cancer/Leo birth crest.  I've used this symbol for decades to represent my particular birth symbol and dualality.  I've had a medallion made and have had it tattooed on my body. I pretty much had my symbol before that guy called "Prince" had his.



Thunderchild.net is a registered domain name maintained and operated for self-promotion in all areas and arenas of career, personal and spiritual life.

The Collective Symbol for representing my current state and multiple eminent fronts.  The elements from two major tattoos, my birth symbol, and art  work representing my spirit and Seminole heritage. 

The "Thunderchild Logo" will also be a major mark on the 2015 portfolio and profile work. 

Official Logo for Thunderchild.net


On August 6, 2014, the Domain Name KOCK.ROCKS became official!

The project is called
"KOCK.rocks BiPolar Radio (a personal music project)"
and is publically posted at http://kock.rocks/ with an associated live stream hosted at  http://SHOUTcast.com/ and account access via the Subsonic.org App at http://kock.rocks:4040

The project covers a personal music library, it's organization and the additions of new materials from digitizing LPs, tapes, DVDs, CDs and their associated art work and lyrics.  The project is expected to run for a few years to a getter part of a decade.  Membership for participation and listening pleasure are available.

Punky Rooster, the punk cock for Kock.rocks is the officeal mascot for KOCK.rocks.


Black Sabbath Custom Leather (BSCL)

Black Sabbath Custom Leather

BSCL LabelBlack Sabbath Custom Leather. My custom leather work inherited the BSCL name from it's original owner Donald R. Dye in San Diego, California in 1992.  Don and I did several projects and became involved with the community.  Eventually, my needs to address military injuries took president and I moved to Fort Scott, Kansas.  I've continued to provide most all my custom work (not just leather) using BSCL as my DBA. In 2006, I began to offer leather work in Kansas City, Missouri.  I updated the poster and created a label for clothing by added the BSCL flag to Don's original art work.


As of Monday, January 15, 2018, the BSCL business and label are closed. The Leather-craft and label were rebranded and are now part of the Sole Proprietorship AJ Leibengeist

Domain remains active till 12/2018

AJ Leibengeist is registered with the IRS, State of New Mexico and City of Albuquerque. 


BSCL Avatars

AJLeibengeistAlexander Johann Leibengeist

AJ Leibengeist is the pseudonym for David Alan Holding.
AJ Leibengeist has been a character name used by myself since around 1986.

NOTE  DBA (Doing Business As) AJ Leibengeist
AJ Leibengeist is registered as a Sole Proprietorship with the IRS, State of New Mexico and City of Albuquerque as an Artist and secondary Leather Goods Manufacturing.

URL: AJL.Thunderchild.net

With the onset of Secondlife.com, a virtual reality world, AJ became an avatar as a Satyr.  AJ's VR home is the location of his artwork across the years.  It is open to the public, so feel free to drop in.

Thunderchild CD&P (Concepts, Designs & Productions)

Thunderchild CD&P (Concepts, Designs and Production) or TCD&P was my incorporation as an LLC in Kansas City, Missouri in order to deal with Digital Ocean Inc. while "being employed" as the Senior Project Manager. The work I did involved coordinating project startup and details for power plant diagramming work with KCP&L and Great Plains Energy. After leaving Kansas City, I resolved the LLC. 

Thunderchild CD&P was registered as a Sole Proprietorship with the IRS, State of Missouri and City of Kansas City, Missouri.


Thunderchild CD&P


JMH Properties of Fort Scott, Kansas

JMH Properties of Fort Scott, Kansas.  Residential rental properties inherited in 2002 from Aunt Helen Carmen and Mom Justin Mayberry Holding.  The properties were sold in 2007 and the business closed out. 

A.K.A. and Notices

I am currently not available for work either as a Contractor or Employee. My last Cover Letters and Resume are available for information purposes and I am available for informational interviews or general discussions upon proper request. Please contact me.


Personal Crest
Thunderchild.net represents the various eminent fronts of a mixed race Native born Seminole Indian of Oklahoma and German decent and disabled Navy Veteran. Born as B.B. Feather, Adopted shortly after and renamed David Alan Holding. The pseudo-names "Thunderchild Allen" and "Alexander Johann Leibengeist" have been used since late 1970's. A Legal name change to Alexander Johann Leibengeist occurred with the beginning of the new Age of Aquarius. Other AKA's.