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Originals and Signed, numbered & limited edition prints are
only available from the Artists at this time.

The three Online Stores above offer artwork prints with varioius options, finishes and framing. Custom designer products and clothing are available too. Contact me for any special requests or designs.
The Links take you to my site there. "ajleibengeist".
Society 6 Offers Art Prints and Desinger Products, but is generally higher end and costs.
I've have artwork here, but few designer products. What products are here are due to requests, so if there is a product that you want here with any specials designs from my art, just send me a requests.

Search for "ajleibengeist".
Deviant Art is a lower cost site for just Artwork with various options for prints and framing.
Print options include Metal, Canvas, Matte finises along with framings styles.

Search for "ajleibengeist".
RedBubble is the best location for prices on Artwork prints and Designer Products.
I have all my artwork available here along with several designs for products like T-shirts, mugs, cases and more. I've purchased a few products from this location and the quality is great as well as the time for processing Orders.

Search for "ajleibengeist".
I have two sets of Displays of Artwork that includes about 19 images each. One set has Reproduction Prints at 21 x 17 inch and the other is composed of 11 x 8 Reproduction Prints. There is a packet of 12, 11x8 inch Prints for sales at the Display Sites. I may have a small group of individual cards available for sale when I'm on Site.

Follow the Dispalys Button.
I've just started working with this site for Original Artwork Pieces. If the Item is reserved for a Gallery showing, it is indicted there as well as on my site.

Search for "ajleibengeist".
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