Introduction: Program, Projects and Time-lines Chart

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The Time-line organizes both Portfolio Projects, Artwork and Custom Gear. The Program (collection of Projects) will be spread over six or so years. Each year is a project consisting of X number of items.

The Time-line Chart provides visual tracking and planning. The standardized chart links in data from other sources. It's published around the 1st of the month and a couple of times during the month when updates are significant.

The basic layout I've set up is below. Mouse over for notes.

Timeline chart Product Items Section Today Marker Timeline Bar Timeline Body Section Event Boxes Title Block Spare Item Boxes
The list of Product for the Project Period. The boxes Identify the Item, what it goes with, and details on features and materials.
The left side will have a items list with prices, costs, quantity and totals. information is linked from a spreadsheet.
A large red vertical line runs from the bar to the top of the chart where TODAY is marked. It moves along for the current date or when the image is published.
The project time line is for a year, January to December. The year is laid out on a bar across the bottom with notes marked out in various brackets and markers.
The body of the chart, above the time line bar, contains boxes for occurring events. They are spaced out across the months. All the empty months at the end are the slack for the work.

The Event Boxes for Artwork are along the top.

The Event Boxes for AJL Custom Projects events are below the Artwork and above the Time-line Bar. The Artwork Items have a duration bar that covers the period of time the event occured.

Title Block

The Title Block identitifes the Project and basic information on the Project.

Spare Boxes for items on the timeline.

The only difference between Art Items and Leather Items is the duration bar on the Art Items.