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AJ Leibengeist

updated: 11-Aug-2018


Modifications to my drafting table are completed and I've set up to work on Union, Suns and Moons. I've outlined the details for the mods on the Union website.

Drafting Table

The "Set of Twelve" Framed Artwork Reproductions (actually more than twelve) are now on display at R. Greenleaf West Side along with the "Packet of 12 Artwork Pieces". Modern Postcards did a excellent job with the Packet of Artwork.

Click here to check the Display Schedule.

I've started the remake of "UNION, Suns and Moons" that will be on Display Auction for the November New Mexico Veterans Art Showing @ Fine Arts Gallery of Expo New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.


Leather Craft & Work

I've gotten a couple of quick projects in for the bike and I'll get to posting them on that site.

I got the inlay piece for the tank made and I got the seats remade with black latigo and read stitching. Wasn't happy with the outcome of the sissy bar pad, so I remade it using a thinner gray hide for the sides. Worked out better, but didn't like the gray with the bike. So, I'll plan to redo it again with burgundy hide for the sides.


I was real happy with the work from the new mechanical shop. So, I'll be using them for other work..