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AJ Leibengeist

updated: 09-Jun-2018


The "Set of Twelve" Framed Artwork Reproductions (actually more than twelve) are now on display at High Desert Relief until Mid May. So, I have Artwork up at Three Locations Right Now! So, Part of my focus is on keeping the Displays traveling and selling the "Packet of 12 Artwork Pieces". Modern Postcards did a excellent job with the Packet of Artwork.

Click here to check the Display Schedule.

I've started the remake of "UNION, Suns and Moons" that will be on Display Auction for the November New Mexico Veterans Art Showing @ Fine Arts Gallery of Expo New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.

Looks like I'll need to modify the drafting table to handle the 50"x38" sheet. Some way to roll the sheet up and down and keep a small horizontal working space for it. Thinking Cap Time!


Leather Craft & Work

My welder moved! OFW, but I've located a nice little machine shop that is working on a project for my drafting table. Once that is done, I can see about the frames for the motorcycle handlebar and saddle bags.