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23 March 2018
There is now a common Project Timeline for the year for all the pursuits.


I've been making frames (15"x12") for a display set of the Live and Mechanical Rhinos and three other prints (mechanical Elephant, Souvenirs & Memories and KOCK.rocks with Punky Rooster that will start their display in Mid April.

Click here to check the Display Schedule and visit one of the sites.

I've started the remake of "UNION, Suns and Moons" that will be on Display Auction for the November New Mexico Veterans Art Showing @ Fine Arts Gallery of Expo New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

I've got a few fragmented poems that want to go with UNION. If I do poems or verse for the piece, I'll probably do seasonal or emotional themes that tie into UNION.

Leather Craft & Work

Completed a tooled leather piece for my Motorcycle Tank Bib. It was a prototype of the UNION piece. Kinda makes me want to match the tank designs to the overall artwork piece. would work out for the two being in a show.

I've started taking time to update the Custom Gear site for the projects that are juggling there.