Zeitgeist / Venus Project / TED Talks

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi (1) When you don't know that you don't know, then you really don't know. (2) When you know that you don't know, then you are receptive for new knowledge. (3) When you know what you didn't know, you can then think and act rationally. (4) When you just know without having to think, your actions are natural or instinctual.

Zeitgeist, TED Talks and The Venus Project. Ideas and systems that are coming of age and time in a world dying of our current systems and ideologies and the burdens they produce. When Rome fell, civilized people packed up and moved to eventually discover a new systems and ideologies that gave rise to today's world. When our Rome falls, we should have a new world already in mind.

I'd Like To Change the World, but I don't Know What Size It Wears!