KOCK.rocks BiPolar Radio

Original: 24x19 in., Framed out to 29x24 inch.

Artwork Information:

"Punky Rooster, Mascot KOCK.rocks BiPolar Radio" is a 2015 total colored pencil creation.

I've had what I called my bipolar stream up since college days at DeVry Institute of Technology (now a University) in Kansas City, Missouri. I named it KOCK and added as /kockrocks to my personal domain site, http://thunderchild.net. Thunderchild dot net was a resulte from another assignment. It was cheap enough to grabbed a domain, just to take my assignments serious. There just weren't any domains that I wanted to follow with "kock dot ..." existing at that time. It stayed that way for some time until August 6, 2014,when the Domain dot rocks became available.

KOCK.rocks no URL
(2) The image has been "photoshopped" to remove the URL and blend the skies.


I had Thunderchild.net for some time before the "dot rocks" domain name was out, and it happened just at the right time I wanted to get more fully engaged in music and musical ambitions. The project is called "KOCK.rocks BiPolar Radio" and is publically on the Internet and listed with Google and other social media. The URL is http://kock.rocks and is the associated live stream(s) posted at http://SHOUTcast.com.

The long-term goal is to file as a non-profit LLC for purposes of LPFM (low power frequency moducation) broadcasting in the Albuquerque area. Until then, The Internet allows for steaming as a hobbie which are conducive for working through, filter, edit, sort and organize all the music in the library (nearly 36,000 items). There is a large variety of genre I like and since it is still a personal library, I have to filter out some of the colletions tendency to have Tortures syndrome.

I grew up playing and competing in music through school. I also did Armature Radio and operated a military radio station in the Navy (W4ODR/NNNNIF, Millington, Tn.). Those plus my computer, electronic and other backgrounds are some of the skills I use in this hobby.