2018 Packet of 12 images

A Package collection of Twelve Images are available on Postcard 11x8½ inch, 14pt Premium Card Stock, Matte Finish.
The Packet contains all the Rhinos (Live and Mechanical) from "A Crash of Rhinos" plus three other popular pieces.

Images include: 1 Big Blue aka Puff, 2 Boss Hog aka Grumpy, 3 Mechanical Elephant, 4 Water Boy aka Puddles, 5 Shroomy aka Major Tripps, 6 Punky Rooster KOCK.rocks, 7 Souvenirs & Memories, 8 Scaler aka General Tuff, 9 Electric Wolf & Lava Rhino, 10 Titian Lion King, 11 Crimson Pyramid Rams, 12 Tyrian Raptor & Psychedelic Phoenix.

Twelve Images on Tour Tyrian Raptor & Psychedelic Phoenix Scaler aka General Tuff Water Boy aka Puddles Mechanical Elephant Souvenirs & Memories Crimson Pyramid Rams Titian Lion King Punky Rooster KOCK.rocks Boss Hog aka Grumpy Big Blue aka Puff Shroomy aka Major Tripps Electric Wolf & Lava Rhino