Souvenirs and Memories

Souvenirs and Memories is a total color pencil sketch.
Original 24"x19". SOLD.

Artwork Information:
"Souvenirs and Memories" is a 2010 still-life creation. A total colored pencil on heavy paper.

The subjects are as follows.

The ram's skull is mine and represents me. It's generally hanging in the house with a dreamcatcher behined it.

The cat is an urn and contains my last male best buddy, named Scsi. Yep, it's a computer interface pronounced Scuzzi).

The rose is a leather hand creation. I taught one of my best friends how to make them and we did a bunch to try and sell. The stem is barbed wire. The leaves have twisted floral wire frame and one hade green leather on one side and a different on the other. The rose petals are leather petal sets of various sizes and shapes.

The Harely Davidson mug is a gift from another best friend. I have a set of large mugs that I use to drink from.

The latteran is an original Frisco Railroad Breaksman's latteran. My Dad worked for the Frisco till retirement. He aquired two of these antiques during his time there. One of my Granddads also worked for the railroads. I, almost but didn't work for the railroads. I am a hugh train fan and had a large model train structure as a kid.

The shelving and background are made up and created after all the elements were completed to satisfaction.

Mechanical Elephant Reproduction Scan

Souvenirs & Memories Reproduction Scan.