The Demon in My Wall
The Demon in My Wall

Gimp & Demon

My demon's name is Fred,
He lives in my wall.
He's just a partial skull,
So, he's not very tall.

He had a pumpkin friend named Gimp,
They loved candy, party and Halloween.
But Gimp rotted away one day,
depressed Fred didn't want to be seen.

He took a liking to Edgar Allan Poe,
and dove into the walls for that wine.
Becoming the noise demon in the walls,
Until he got framed for the rest of time.

15" x 18" x 2" with Frame

“The Demon in My Wall” is a multimedia piece that started with Fred the Demon being formed in leather from a plastic skull impression. He then journeyed to El Morro, NM for a day of brewing beer, blazing and painting. That's where he got his colors and learned about BDSM.

He became friends with a Gimp pumpkin for Halloween. It was his first Gimp, so he gagged him and zippered his eyes shut. They sat outside and greeted people for the night and got really buzzed on sugar. It was a perfect night for him and his new friend. Unfortunately, Gimp didn't survive the week. He got rotten and passed away. Fred became depressed over losing his only gimp buddy for play.

He began binge reading E.A. Poe before deciding to jump in the walls looking for a cask of amontillado. You could hear him banging around in the walls every night till he finally popped out of the wall right into the picture frame. That's where he remains until his next adventures.