Assembly of All into One

The Geometry of the piece

I wanted to keep the basic Geometry of the original piece as well as the concepts. Since the original drawing, the concept of the piece has grown tremendously. During the drawing process, I made changes as it took shape.

The center singularity became a black and white hole in tight orbit around each other and the cosmic string emanating from them became more DNA like. The spirits in the flames came to represent different kingdoms: ocean life, plant life, insect life, etc.. The suns became composed of various personalities and races. The faces for the suns became distinct male and female skulls. The human bodies became skeletons with aura outlines for the bodies.

My media consisted of pencil layouts for most items. I used Micro-Pen ink at 0.003 & 0.005 on top of the pencil and then erased the pencil. Major color inks were Sakura Gelly Roll Pens. I got the 74 pack and extra while pens. I also used some Bic pens and other black and colored Micro-Pens. The background and blending was done using Yellow and Blue Avery Hi-Liters. Some of the yellow hi-liters I split open and used the insides for better coverage and blending. The blue hi-liters I split open and squeezed the color out into alcohol and used brushes to apply.

Photos from the drawing process are below.

Layout for Major Elements