Faces and Bâ (Personality)

Most of the time, We recognize others by faces. There's a special spot in the brain that is dedicated to the processing of faces and recognition of the face and the emotions displayed on those faces. To the ancient Egyptians, Bâ was everything that makes a person unique. Everything from the time and place we were born into and all the experiences that will accumulate over our lives to make us, who we are and our world view.


28 April 2018

Use the Faces Layering style for both suns with a goal of 33 faces per sun (maybe more?). Align male and female pares up so they are mirrors.
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  • Faces of Role Figures
  • Faces of Color
  • Youth and Parents
  • Young Adults
  • Adults

I scaled scaled all the head fugues I had collected, cut and modified some for matching between males and females.

Next things, work on the bodies that spin off the Singularity.

Faces in the Sun, Adults, Females & Males 01

Faces in the Sun, Females & Males 02

Faces in the Sun, Females & Males 03

Faces in the Sun, Females & Males 04

Faces in the Sun, Females & Males 05

Faces in the Sun