Suns and Singularity

The Sun is the driving force for life, at least in Our Solar System. There are two suns in Union, Yellow and Blue. My original concept was to have a Singularity between the two suns consuming mass from each. There are two dense objects that orbit around the Singularity which would be one object for each sun.

Tank bib InsertInsert on Bike

11 March 2018

Took advantage of trying out a design as an insert on my motorcycle tank.

  1. Used a oak tooling hide for the insert.
  2. I drew the design by hand from measurements and patterns from the instrument cover on the tank. Got it where I wanted with pencil, inked in and scanned in.
  3. I then printed it on transparencies so I could trace the image onto the hide.
  4. Did the tooling and colored in with acrylic paints. Used gold model paint for my crest at the bottom.
  5. Used Mink Oil to waterproof it all over.
  6. Skived (shaved down) the leather at the bottom in line with the hole for the tank bolt. Attached some rubber drawer inserts you get for toolboxes and kitchen drawers to the back for padding.
Draft of Male Sun
Yellow Sun First Draft

Yellow Sun, Page filled in.

26 March 2018, First Sun Draft

Sat down and did a drawing of the Male Sun Concept. Combined the faces, sun and sun face all together. Used fine felt pen, ballpoint pen and then color pencil. Did loose lines for filler everywhere. I'll do the female with more time and geometrics lines. I could use more colors in felt-tips.

01 April 2018

Filled in the rest of the page on the Yellow Sun.

2nd Draft for Suns
Blue Sun, 2nd Draft of concept

31 March 2018, 2nd Sun Draft

Worked evenings last few days to completed the alternate Sun. Picked up more pens that I started using with the Yellow Sun. Took more time and tried using straight lines here and there as well as variations on the fills for the faces. Also did the whole page this time. Got the ink lines completed and filled in the areas with various colored pencil. Blended all areas.

Üwe commented that the Yellow sun was Female and the Blue one Male. I'll probably finish off the page on the Yellow Sun before starting the next drafts.

tempted to continue the faces outlines all the way around the circumference of the sun.

Definitely need to by blender pencils
by the boxes.

3rd Draft for Suns
Yellow Sun, 3rd Draft of Concept

4 April 2018, 4th Sun Draft

Completed the 3rd draft of the Sun concepts. I did just the skull near the center of the page and did the circumference of the sun around it. Used faces profile outlines all along the circumference of the sun and did less on the dominate side (right side).

Filled in the faces with various lines using the Gelly Roll Ink Pens and continued with lines out to the edge of the sun flames. Some of the flame lines I filled in so they would be broad and bold. Also started to try out figures in the flame area.

Filled in the white spaces with color pencil and blended. Used blending pencils to fade the wax out to the edge of the flame area. Used pastels for the background, black on bottom and red with orange and maroon on top.

I like the blending from color pencil to red best. I like the style of the sun best of the three, so far, but I'd like to have a face versus a skull in the center fading into the profiles.

Yellow Sun, 4th Draft Concept
Image Index of Doodles
Draft Entities for Flames

17 April 2018, 4th Sun Draft & Flame Spirits

Completed five 14”x17” drawings, four sun concepts and one “Flame idea between styles concepts 2 & 3, and made a few tribal images before the 4th draft for Flames Entities or Spirits.

  1. Sun #1, Yellow Male
  2. Sun # 2, Blue Female
  3. Flame idea
  4. Sun # 3, Yellow Female
  5. Flame entities, 9 pages of ideas.
  6. Sun #4, Yellow Male