Tribal Flames and Spirits

The Flames that form the outer corona of the Suns contains the many Spirits that in habit the world. The belief that All things have Spirits. Even the things that we make, wherein the creator of the object gives it spirit. Gaia is the spirit of the Earth and so on to the Universal Spirit.

Yellow Sun Final Concept
Final Sun Concept with the Yellow Sun

Whales Trees Oak Lion Eagle Head Eagle Full Mammoth Primate Monkey Primate Gorilla Fish Shark Fish Koi Tree Evergreen Wolf Pack Vulture Bison Praying Mantis
Final Draft Spirits for Flames

26 April 2018, Tribal choices

As noted on the previous page,

I've settled for a total of 12 tribal images for the Flames. I'll see what all I can do at the larger scale. I did want more images, but space limits me.